• Abuse Prevention Isn't a Fantasy. It's a Necessity.

    Risk management is essential to limiting loss. ESPs must now be proactive in managing their customers by identifying good and bad records in a timely manner.

  • Will Your Sender Be a Valuable Client, an Abusive Mailer or Something In Between?

    It all depends on their list.

  • With BlackBox, You'll Know Before They Mail.

    ESPs can now seperate the good from the bad prior to deployment, which prevents platform abuse, expedites new user vetting, and improves deliverability.

Predictive Abuse-Prevention for ESPs

BlackBox is the world's most comprehensive resource for finding potentially problematic email addresses, allowing ESPs to preemptively score the quality of their senders' lists and manage senders more effectively.

Predict Behavior

Predictive scoring ensures consistent, reliable decisioning. Using BlackBox as the backbone of a custom scoring model not only lets ESPs predict risk, but improves customer onboarding and ultimately enhances deliverability.

Educate & Reward

It's not just about the preemptive detection of spammers; it's also a way to inform unwitting senders about problems with their list and to reward good senders.

Expedite Vetting

User vetting used to be laborious and time-consuming. With BlackBox, good senders can quickly be put on the approval fast track.

Improve Deliverability

The more abuse you prevent, the more you protect your systems against IPs that are blacklisted by email gateways and ISPs.