What is BlackBox?

BlackBox is a big bad list with a heart of gold. Specifically, it's a database of nearly every bad email address on the planet. It's the missing dataset needed to protect against the possibility of private and public blacklistings and keep email deliverability running smoothly. 

How do you use BlackBox?

The world's most respected ESPs and high-volume email senders, in order to predetermine the toxicity or quality of any email address. You match an email list to BlackBox and receive a Risk Score. If the Risk Score is high, an ESP may (a) decline to work with the sender, (b) quarantine the list or (c) advise or rehabilitate the sender. Conversely, if the match rate is low, the ESP may fast-track onboarding or otherwise reward the sender. High-volume senders use Bb

Is BlackBox used only for vetting new senders?

No. We all know that a good sender can eventually become a bad sender: therefore 24/7 account review is a necessity.

My ESP already has an abuse-prevention process. Why do I need BlackBox?

Many of the ESPs that use BlackBox already have some level of advanced abuse detection in place. Their techniques include industry flagging and preflight content reviews, as well as scoring a sender's lists against their own bad data (i.e., data that has already passed through the ESP's application). However, because BlackBox provides an incredibly large volume of data, ESPs typically use our database as the foundation for all of their prevention efforts in order to stop abuse before it can wreak havoc in the first place.

What type/volume of data do ESPs receive?

Depending on the package selected, ESPs can scan customers' email lists via the web app, API, or receive the Legacy Data file and a Monthly Data file .


LEGACY DATA - 580 million aged records that have been compiled over time. 


MONTHLY DATA - 8-10 million unique records with classification codes that have been compiled in the previous 30 days.


Granularity classifications include: Purchased, Hardbounce, Complainer, Litigator, Spamtrap, and Hacked

What's the breakdown and layout of the database?

BlackBox is a blend of consumer and business emails from a broad range of sources. Currently, 63% are consumer records while 37% are business records; of these 61% are sourced from North America, with the balance spread across the globe. 

Is BlackBox a Data-as-a-Service offering?

Yes. Files can either be delivered to the ESP in CSV format and/or the data can be accessed via our web app or API.

Where does all this data come from?

We source the data from a wide variety of suppliers (ranging from well-known global data compilers and niche list vendors, to email verification providers and omnipresent offshore suppliers and scrapers). As of Q2 2018, 26 unique data sources are part of BlackBox. All data is compiled and standardized in order to provide you with direct access to millions of new records each month.

What's the story behind BlackBox?

In 2010, the prototype for BlackBox was created for one of today's most respected ESPs and has since grown into a global solution for sender vetting and list monitoring which used by dozens of ESPs and relays.