BlackBox Adds Freemium Plan to Help Improve Email List Scoring for All

Freemium. Yes, freemium. It seems like an unlikely path for a market-proven product after years of helping world-class email senders build abuse prevention systems, but that’s exactly what we’re doing. Success is sweeter when shared with others, so we are letting customers use our product for free!

We’re proud to announce our “forever free” plan for BlackBox. Simply sign up here and test lists of up to 5,000 emails each and every month, free, forever. Now anyone can score their email list, avoid sending to risky emails and retain more revenue.

Since list quality can change over time, you can test to the limits every month, because...heck it’s free. Forget about the “30-day free trial” and all the issues associated with that timeline. Test on your time and terms.

When testing with BlackBox, the higher the match rate, the higher the risk to your sender reputation. If the match rate is above your comfort level, list hygiene or conversation with your client is in order, it’s that simple.

Sign up for your free account and always know the health of your email list. 

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