What’s new in BlackBox – April 2020


We're back to share a couple of exciting new features and enhancements to BlackBox. 


Our most recent update was significant to say the least.

Specifically, 146 million email addresses (19.1%) were updated to reflect changes to their individual risk scores.

As always, we encourage all on-premise users to leverage this update to ensure the highest level of accuracy, and safeguard against discrepancies with our cloud product.


We made a handful of tweaks to our UX, including the ability to manually delete files as well as 30-day auto-delete.  

The BlackBox API can now be used to automatically upload your files in a batch manner and then be retrieved through the API as well.


We're making our data more dynamic!

Incorporating new positive signals is the first stop on product road map. Some widely circulated emails are not as toxic as others. Recognizing that fact hones the data. We're also updating recency and frequency models. The more we see, the better the signals. 


If you're not using BlackBox to score risky email addresses, contact us to learn more.