The Democratization of Email Compliance


We're happy to announce that we've made significant improvements designed to empower any size business to easily identify bad email addresses and avoid deliverability pitfalls–now automated email compliance can be a part of every email sender's deliverability stack.

Simplified Scoring

Every email address in BlackBox now has a simple risk score which allows you to easily identify and segment emails based on their individual risk potential. We've also created a new a list-level risk score for more accurate list assessments.

Supercharged App and API

We've improved our app's usability, most noticeably the ability to upload multi-column files. You can also access all new data enhancements through our API using a single email call, batch file upload or fully automated batch retrieval.

New Pricing and Packages

With a vastly improved UX and several new price points, which include $99 and $299 options, even the smallest senders can reliably protect against email blacklistings.

Try It Now

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